Balancing Life

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Anja Ottenheim,  Enterprise Centre, Market Yard, Cahir, County Tipperary.

phone: 087 2023360,                                              email:

I am grateful that I am able to help other people through my treatments, and to teach others how to help themselves and their loved ones.

I practice kinesiology, acupuncture and reflexology, and I am very happy to share my knowledge with others through my course in Touch for Health Kinesiology.

Kinesiology integrates the traditional Oriental philosophy about energy flow in the body with Western techniques of muscle testing.

Acupuncture, a system of complementary medicine in which fine needles are inserted in the skin at specific points along lines of energy

The body is programmed to heal itself. Illness, stress, injury or disease causes the body to go out of balance. Reflexology restores this and helps the body to maintain this balance.

Touch for Health balances the body and the mind with a variety of simple and effective methods, I am a qualified Touch for Health instructor, and give courses on a regular basis.

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