Touch for Health Kinesiology Course

One of the most widely used and fastest growing wellness systems today, Touch for Health Kinesiology, is a brilliant synthesis of recent Western discoveries and ancient Chinese medicine.

Take charge of your health and well-being!

Learn specific hands-on touch techniques that will:


  1. *Reduce or eliminate many different kinds of pain: headaches, backaches, stomachaches etc.                            

  2. *Uncover the hidden causes of many health problems

*Accelerate  recovery from illness and injuries

*Prevent future health problems

*Increase energy and counteract  fatigue

*Show you immediately which foods are undermining your energy

*Quickly and measurably improve posture, strength, flexibility and athletic performance

*Improve left brain/right brain integration and enhance mental functioning

Touch for Health Kinesiology has been taught in 62 Countries to over  one million people, and the Touch for Health Kinesiology  book has been translated onto 15 languages, including Braille

A Four-Weekend Certificate Course

“Touch for Health Kinesiology”

In a four weekend Training Workshop, you will learn simple, effective techniques to improve posture, reduce physical tension, release emotional strain, and discover the effect food has on your energy.

The course is very interactive with at least 75% of the time spent in demonstrations and practical work. This gives lots of time to try your new skills with the other students giving you the confidence to work with others when you get home.

No prior knowledge is required; you may choose to study this program to enhance your existing skills, for self-help, or just to have fun!

Included in my course fee are also practice days.

These give you the possibility to practice on clients. On these days you also have a chance to meet ex-students and or students on a different level to exchange experience.

These days are free for my students, the fee for others is 80 euro.

Venue for these practice days is my clinic in the Enterprise Centre, Cahir, County Tipperary.

Because places are limited it is wise to reserve a place on time.

Next course starts September 2020

Dates planned:

September 26-27

October 17-18

November 14-15

December 12-13

Please contact me as soon as possible to secure a place.

(100 Euro non refundable deposit payable when registering)

Cost: 250 Euro per weekend, includes book, all notes, materials, drinks, healthy snacks.


Each of these workshops offers something different and are designed for those who want a brief introduction into Kinesiology and are very suitable for groups.

Touch for Health Metaphors

Make TFH balancing more enjoyable, profound, meaningful and effective. Using supportive dialogue, positive goal-setting and creative visualization, access mental/emotional and sensory/associative aspects of memory, posture & energy to make your TFH balancing more profound, effective and meaningful. Efficiently utilize the 111 metaphors in the TFH pocketbook with Chinese 5 Element Metaphors, by TFH founder John F. Thie and Matthew Thie, to feel better and to gain new insight and enthusiasm for your life. From finding an emotion related to a goal to balancing energy by making expressive sounds or combining color visualization with emotional stress release points, the standard TFH protocol provide us with a variety of options for accessing the powerful symbols of the Chinese 5 Element metaphors. Adding the metaphors of meridian/organ function & muscle anatomy/ function/gesture, we have 111 distinct images that can be dynamically incorporated into our balancing sessions.

Kinesiology for Kids

Do something special for your child or grandchild and help them become the best that they can be. Increase their school and sporting achievements and build their confidence and self esteem. You will learn techniques to improve their co-ordination, reading ability, comprehension, concentration and handwriting. They will find they can learn new things more easily and feel good about themselves. Covers muscle testing, switching on techniques, food allergies, feelings and others. Parent and child friendly.

Healthy Pets

Designed for animal lovers to show them how they can use the skill of muscle monitoring to find the best way to improve and maintain their pets' health. During this workshop you will learn about the interaction between pets and their owners, the comparative physical anatomy between cats, dogs and humans, the nutritional needs of your pets, how emotions may affect your pets, basic information on keeping your pets healthy, how to use vibrational remedies, the benefits of acupressure massage, the meridian pathways for cats and dogs. The techniques taught may be used in conjunction with any veterinary treatment and are safe and non-invasive. Muscle testing & Surrogate testing, comparative physical anatomy, nutrition, emotions, vibrational remedies, acupressure. Suggested foods for dogs and cats.

Tibetan Energy

Tibetan Energy flow corrections have been known to relieve a great amount of pain, discomfort and low energy problems. Looking and feeling better is one reason why we seek to improve our energy level. Low energy, fatigue, pain and loss of motivation are all signs that our body is functioning at less than its best. Four energy systems, are taught in this workshop: Figure 8 Energy Flow, the Healing Power of Sound, Spiral Energy Flow above the head, and the Spinning Vortices.

Stress Release Made Easy

Find out how to identify and easily manage your stress with practical techniques you can apply every day of your life. The workshop covers the causes of stress and its various stages, stress management using breathing, exercises, nutrition, food supplements and humour.

Eat Right, Live Right

This workshop teaches about food combination and digestion, food combination guidelines, food families, anti- and pro-immunity foods, vitamin supplements. You will learn how to check yourself for what foods, vitamins and supplements are best for you. Introduces muscle testing for food and supplement choice and basic food combination concepts.

Perceptive Vision

Much of what we experience in life can be influenced by what is happening around us and how we view it. In this workshop we will look at various ways which have been successful for many people wishing to see more clearly including nutrition, affirmations, eye exercises, etc.

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