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One of the most widely used and fastest growing wellness systems today, Touch for Health Kinesiology, is a brilliant synthesis of recent Western discoveries and ancient Chinese medicine.

Take charge of your health and well-being!

Learn specific hands-on touch techniques that will:


  1. *Reduce or eliminate many different kinds of pain: headaches, backaches, stomachaches etc.                            

  2. *Uncover the hidden causes of many health problems

*Accelerate  recovery from illness and injuries

*Prevent future health problems

*Increase energy and counteract  fatigue

*Show you immediately which foods are undermining your energy

*Quickly and measurably improve posture, strength, flexibility and athletic performance

*Improve left brain/right brain integration and enhance mental functioning

Touch for Health Kinesiology has been taught in 62 Countries to over  one million people, and the Touch for Health Kinesiology  book has been translated onto 15 languages, including Braille

A Four-Weekend Certificate Course

“Touch for Health Kinesiology”

In a four weekend Training Workshop, you will learn simple, effective techniques to improve posture, reduce physical tension, release emotional strain, and discover the effect food has on your energy.

The course is very interactive with at least 75% of the time spent in demonstrations and practical work. This gives lots of time to try your new skills with the other students giving you the confidence to work with others when you get home.

No prior knowledge is required; you may choose to study this program to enhance your existing skills, for self-help, or just to have fun!

Course Dates 2023/ 2024

October 21/22  2023

November 18/19 2023

January 6/7 2024

February 3/4 2024

Also for any information about the course in general feel free to contact me.

(100 Euro non refundable deposit payable when registering)

Cost: € 1,200.00  including book, all notes, materials, drinks, healthy snacks and practice hours in clinic.